Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events {Behind the Scenes July 2014}

By Jessie Thomson

So I’m sitting here at 40 weeks pregnant (plus a few days!) waiting to welcome my second little bundle of joy into the world, and realised I hadn’t given you lovely readers a round up of what I’ve been busy with behind the scenes of Jessie Thomson HQ last month!

I also had two beautiful weddings at the start of August before I went on maternity leave, which I hope to share with you soon too.One a colourful barn wedding, and the other a classic marquee tent wedding.

Unique and special, in equal parts. But for now, here’s to an amazing July (and a little from the end of June)….!


I’ll be sharing behind the scenes pics from August and some official wedding photo’s and features coming very soon, possibly mixed with a few cute baby pics. I apologise in advance for the Instagram takeover!



Flourish & Prosper – Coral, Pink and Gold Styled Shoot

By Jessie Thomson

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m hoping by now you might have read a little bit about my new venture with Louise Beukes from b.loved – a brand new resource for suppliers and business owners in the wedding industry, Flourish & Prosper.

F&P came about because we spotted a small problem in our wonderful world of weddings – it’s completely unregulated, full of new business start ups (some incredible, some not so much), an industry growing hugely both in the UK and worldwide – and yet, there seemed to be very little out there for any of us to gather together, share best practices and know how, get advice on key activities required to make our businesses an even bigger success story.

Louise and I both left our corporate lives behind for a reason, but we’re ultimately also successful business women! So we decided to make a community where we offered all of the above (and SO much more), but in a stylish and fun environment that should go hand in hand with working within such a creative profession.

When we first founded this new business, we decided we really needed (ahem… yes needed!) to create a super pretty styled shoot to help launch our website and announce our plans to the world. With a host of amazing suppliers and the help of my lovely friend Ashlee from Taylor Barnes Photography we did just that! It was featured on Style Me Pretty soon afterwards, but I’ve yet to share the images here on the blog.

Well here you go, a little treat! If you are a wedding business (or if you have a friend in the industry) do make them aware of our first event – F&P The Wedding Academy – held in London on 1st November 2014. Leave a comment with your email below and I’ll send you a special Jessie Loves discount code for our shop too.

Flourish & Prosper Workshops

Flourish & Prosper Wedding Industry Workshops and Events

louise beukes bloved blogcoral and pink flowers

UK wedding styling workshops

jessie thomson wedding plannercoral and pink ranunculusstarting a wedding business

louise beukes blogging styling workshop

pink gold paper confettinila holden cookies

Jessie thomson wedding planner workshop

the wedding academy 2014owning a wedding business

jessie thomson workshopswedding business workshop londonvintage engagement ringlouise beukes uk wedding styliststyle me pretty, magnolia rouge

wedding workshops uk


Photography: Taylor Barnes Photography | Florist: Stephanie Saunders | Make Up: Clare Bryce | Hair: Vallenders | Shoot Location: Montpellier Park Cheltenham and Dragonfly Contemporary Designs | Cookies : Nila Holden | Props (Balloons) : Eagle Eyed Bride | Props (Confetti): Peach Blossom | Stylist: Jessie Thomson Wedding Planning| Stylist : Louise Beukes

Flourish & Prosper: The Wedding Academy 2014

By Jessie Thomson

I’m so excited to announce ticket sales for the highly anticipated Flourish & Prosper: The Wedding Academy are now open! Together with my fellow biz partner in crime, Louise Beukes from b.loved, we have been busy behind the scenes over the past few months assembling a super duper incredible team of expert speakers, fabulous partners and stylish sponsors! We can’t wait to open the doors to our very first F&P event and meet lots of excited wedding pro’s looking to grow their businesses!

Wedding Academy 2014 - UK Wedding Industry Workshops and Courses

F&P: The Wedding Academy takes place on 1st November 2014, at Icetank Studios - a hidden gem in the heart of Covent Garden in London.  We’ve got so much planned for the lucky 25 attendees who sign up, seriously this is one you really don’t want to miss!


You can follow the latest updates on the F&P Blog, or follow #floproacademy14 on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

We’re SO looking forward to meeting you!


Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events {Behind the Scenes June 2014}

By Jessie Thomson

Hello lovelies!

My poor little blog has been a little quiet recently as I’ve had a super busy wedding season to take up my time, as well as getting everything planned for the first ever Flourish & Prosper event. Excited much? YES!

I’m also prepping the house for baby number two, due to arrive at the end of August. So hard to resist buying every single cute item of baby clothes that catches my eye on pinterest. Just seven more weddings and a spa date to go before I have a little time off.

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to give you a bit of a visual round up of what I’ve been doing behind the scenes at Jessie Thomson HQ since I last gave you an update in May.



Since my last update I’ve had three weddings and a tea ceremony, lots of travel around the Cotswolds and the UK, many itineraries and schedules created and sent out, smelled beautiful florals, eaten delicious macarons and mallows, and enjoyed plenty of toddler snuggles in between.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Summer so far?




Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events {Behind the Scenes – May 2014}

By Jessie Thomson

I’ve had the most wonderful start to May 2014, two beautiful and totally different weddings, an inspiring  workshop with those talented ladies at Illuminated Collective. A trio of incredible fine art photographers who have collaborated to help bring their work to a wider audience, inspiring others along the way!

Some of you may follow me on Instagram already, but I thought I’d give you a little round up of images from behind the scenes of my month so far… and with two more weddings to go this weekend, it’s set to stay exciting!


Hope everyone is looking forward to a lovely weekend of weddings or relaxing!




When to tell a bride they should hire a wedding planner!

By Jessie Thomson

Well wedding season is truly underway! After a nice break and some weekends to myself after the last wedding in January, I’m just getting back into the swing of things and enjoyed two fabulous and very different celebrations over the last few weeks.

One involved a 13 hour day and 9.5 hours of driving. Yikes! It was an amazing woodland forest inspired wedding with a nod to Shakspeare and the Cornish sea. Plus the most amazing first dance ever! The other was a classic country wedding in a Cotswolds manor house, a beautiful bright sunny day with the cutest of teeny flower girls.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram if you want to check out a few behind the scenes photo’s before anyone else!

When to hire a wedding planner?

Today though I wanted to write a quick post on when you might want to suggest to a bride that they should hire a wedding planner.

This isn’t just a post for desperate Mum’s of brides and well wishing bridesmaids, it’s also (I hope) helpful for any suppliers who find that their clients might be in need of a little extra support.

There are some tell tale signs that a couple might benefit from hiring an independent wedding planner:

1. The bride or groom appear to be getting easily stressed or feeling overwhelmed by the planning or design process.

2. The bride or groom both work long hours, have a career that takes precedent or who just aren’t that interested in planning a wedding beyond picking a date.

3. Frequent emails/calls/texts in a panic about the smallest of problems – wedding planning is rarely a smooth process, and having an independent and objective planner you trust can alleviate those nerves.

4. Problematic or challenging family members – this is almost always Mother’s, I hate to say. It usually stems from a positive place but can be stressful when emotions are running high. Sometimes giving a neutral 3rd party control over supplier communication can avoid any serious dramas!

5. When the venue is far away – having someone on the ground, who knows the venue and area well, is invaluable. If someone is planning a destination wedding, they should really hire a planner.

6. A strong desire to have a beautifully styled wedding, but no natural ability to create an imaginative design concept. Here hiring an event designer or stylist is worth it’s weight in gold!

7. When planning a marquee wedding or venue without an in house co-ordinator. Although once again I want to remind you that in house wedding venue co-ordinators are not one and the same as as an independent wedding planner. Read this article for more info.

I talk about this with a lot of friends and suppliers, and the question of tact is almost always brought up when I mention referrals. No one wants to appear rude or like they don’t care about their client or friend. So here are a few ways you can gently suggest a wedding planner might be handy..

Do you know who will be in charge of your wedding day timings and logistics yet?

Have you thought about hiring a professional to help pull everything together and recommend reliable suppliers?

Do you think you might benefit from a little extra support from an independent wedding planner?

Or even very simply… “have you hired your wedding planner yet?“.

Let’s make it the norm people! ;-)

If this suggestion isn’t met with shock or horror, then now is the time to recommend your own wedding planner or, if you’re another wedding supplier then you can list any you like working alongside. Remember, as a wedding professional it shows you in a positive light when referring trustworthy suppliers.

It may well be worth reiterating the value that us wedding planners add to the overall experience too.It’s not just about timelines and schedules, it’s about creating a wedding that truly reflects a couples personality and allowing them the freedom to actually enjoy the planning process.

On the flip side, there are a few warning signs when not to hire a wedding planner….

1. They have a really tight budget. This couple may be able to afford an “on the day co-ordinator” but it’s unlikely you can afford the full service. Yes, yes, we can save you time and money. However it’s often not enough when you’re working with a £5k budget and 200 guests!

2. The parents are paying and they don’t want a planner. Let me tell you, nothing makes a wedding planner’s job harder than trying to please multiple parties with a vested interest, who aren’t the client. If those parties aren’t willing to trust an independent planner to do their job properly, then having one may well only result in more conflict. It’s also a very good reason to hire one (!), but in that case it’s essential the planner meets the parents and brings them on board upfront, and occasionally the couple may need to remind Mum & Dad that the planner’s professional opinion takes precedent.

3. The bride is a control freak. I get it, so am I. Most planners will work closely with a couple and don’t try to take over the planning process completely. They just take the stress out by suggesting appropriate suppliers and managing more boring admin. However if you’re going to question the planner’s activities daily and send thousands of emails between meetings, you’re not really making good use of that supplier! If this particular friend/client has the time and the inclination to plan a wedding from start to finish… let them! They might still benefit from partial planning to help manage the final few weeks and the day itself though.

Are there any couples reading this who wished someone had suggested they hire a planner for their own big day? Anyone who wished they’d suggested hiring one as they ended up being the co-ordinator/counsellor throughout a friend’s wedding?

I wanna hear!




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A Homemade Marquee Wedding on a Cotswold Farm

By Jessie Thomson

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break? I’m in full on wedding season mode now, but wanted to share a beauty of a wedding with you!

When I first visited this beautiful family home in the Cotswolds, I felt instantly happy. It was a beautiful day and everyone was gathered to talk about wedding plans excitedly, I left with a box of freshly laid eggs and a big smile. Such a lovely place to live.

UK Wedding Planner: Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events

This marquee wedding that I worked on last year was true to the location, full of sweet personal touches, real ale, and a relaxed vibe which made guests feel at ease amongst the hay bales. Never let a bit of rustic charm put off a bride from choosing the finer things in life though… Suzanne Neville gown, Hermione Harbutt headpiece and Vivienne Westwood heels… yes please!

UK Wedding Planner: Jessie Thomson Weddings & EventsLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + Europe

I arrived on the morning of the wedding to an excited family merrily drinking champagne and getting ready for the big day. After adding finishing touches to the set up, including a few DIY flowers, I headed over to see the bride and her girls getting ready. Loved the mismatched Twobirds Bridesmaid dresses!

Luxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + Europe

Once I was confident everyone in the bridal party was happy, I zipped over to the church where the groom awaited nervously! Actually that’s a lie, he was pretty laid back and enjoying himself at this stage. More excited than nervous.

Luxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + Europe

Country Marquee Wedding on a FarmLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + Europe

After the ceremony, the bride and groom led their guests on a lovely little country walk across a pretty field to their marquee site, where I was ready with the catering team to hand out bubbly and cold drinks… it was a scorcher!

The marquee was dressed with colourful lanterns, country flowers and sweet egg cup favours – each guest had their own little personal note from the happy couple. Such a lovely touch.

Luxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + Europe

I was also super impressed with the DIY wedding cake efforts, nice to have a talented sister and bridesmaid on board eh?

Luxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeView More: Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + Europe

I love it when brides make speeches, and this one was absolutely brilliant! Followed by much dancing and merriment, including some fun on hay bales…

Luxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + Europe

With huge thanks to BMC Weddings for capturing all of the magic, including these stunners…

Luxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + EuropeLuxury Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson | UK + Europe


You can also get your tissues ready for this gorgeous film preview from Simon Clarke too…



And if you want to see more images, check out the full gallery on my website or on Facebook.

Hope I spread a little happiness with this lovely wedding today. A perfect couple, and a perfect day.



A Festival Inspired Outdoor Wedding in the UK

By Jessie Thomson

I’ve been itching to share images from this wedding with you for ages! It was featured on Rock My Wedding a few weeks back and had a HUGE response from readers.

Hipster Wedding Festival | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

I am hugely grateful to Camera Hannah for being an absolute champion and getting all these amazing shots, as well as creating a super special wedding film which you can see at the end. Took me ages to choose my fave images… so many.

Hipster Wedding Festival | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

I was first contacted by this incredibly cool bride back in the Spring of 2012, and I liked her immediately! This was a couple who wanted a wedding that was more like a party, they wanted to make it personal and they wanted to make it awesome. There were a few drawbacks… a not so massive budget, a groom who liked to party on through the night, a requirement to have all of it outside despite the UK’s tendency to tip it down at most inconvenient times, and a large number of guests flying over from the US! It was certainly going to be a challenge, but I was excited, and they needed my help. What could I say?

Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

Over the next year and a half I became a huge part of “Team Jones” and their crazy wonderful wedding vision. From finding the right venue (I have never seen such a long shortlist as the one first presented to me!), to sourcing every single supplier, advising on timings and budgeting, and everything in between… we ended up creating this incredible day.

Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomsonjaclyn-ben-302Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

As with most couples on a tight budget, there was a serious amount of DIY effort put into the decor, but two creative minds are evidently unstoppable! It helped that we had some amazing suppliers on site who really understood the vision too, as well as a host of wonderfully supportive friends and family to volunteer their services in the final few days. I loved the little community that was formed at the wedding site all weekend, it made everything feel so much more special.

Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

I had THE BEST time at this wedding. I know, I was working, but it honestly didn’t feel like work once the party got started. Oh and I got to walk around a fire maze with “Ring of Fire” being played at the same time by the headline act. Career highlight, for sure.

Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

Hipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie ThomsonHipster Festival Wedding | UK Wedding Planner | Jessie Thomson

I hope you enjoy the photo’s as much as everyone enjoyed the day. Remember, don’t be afraid to get your dream wedding. Anything is possible, especially when you have a wedding planner. ;-)

Do take a look at this wedding film by Camera Hannah too. It’s beautiful, and really gives you more of an insider view of the day. She’s so darn clever!



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Illuminated Fine Art Photography & Styling Workshop in the UK

By Jessie Thomson

Afternoon lovelies,

I am in such good spirits right now! The sun is shining, I’ve announced my new amazing side business, and also revealed exciting news about a new arrival in the Thomson family later this year. My brides and grooms have been so sweet in celebrating everything with me, for which I’m eternally grateful.

Today I have yet another announcement! This one is for all my photographer friends (and friends of friends!). You may have already heard about The Photography Parlour which is run by the award winning lovely lady Rosie Parsons?

If not then you definitely need to check it out, as there has just been an lovely rebrand and lots of new additions with some of my absolute fave industry suppliers offering up their mentoring skills too.

As part of this, together with Taylor Barnes Photography and Belle & Beau Photography, I have just announced a brand new fine art photography and styling one day workshop which is being held at the incredibly stylish Cotswold wedding venue Barnsley House on 14th May 2014….

Illuminated Fine Art Photography UK Workshop


You can read more information about what the day includes, and our SUPER DUPER impressive list of sponsors via The Photography Parlour blog. If it tickles your fancy then you can sign up with a deposit here!

I’m sure some of you have a few questions too, so I thought I’d do a quick round up for you… but do feel free to email me at if you want to know anything else.

What is fine art photography?

Now obviously I’m a wedding designer and stylist, not a photographer (seriously, I impress myself if I create a decent image using Instagram). So I asked Ashlee from Taylor Barnes Photography to explain her own words for you…

“Fine art wedding photography has developed primarily as a result of demand from the aesthetic driven bride. With a strong focus on stylised, romantic and timeless portraiture. Fine art photographers strive to make an artistic feature out of every detail which has been carefully selected by each couple to make their wedding day unique to them – be it a bouquet, veil or cake. It does not however detract from traditional wedding photography – rather it enhances it.

Fine art photography should also not be confused with film photography. I believe this style of photography lies heavily in composition and the use of natural light, not which medium you use. I personally use both digital and film cameras to capture my own fine art weddings”

Why should I book?

Maybe you’re already an experienced photographer who is comfortable with your camera, who loves shooting weddings, and who would generally say “I’m a really good photographer”.

However I know that most of us in any sector of the wedding industry are always looking to improve our skills and services, to keep growing as artists, to not just be “good” but to be truly “great”. No scrap that, we want to be the best. Right?

I also know from first hand experience that it’s not always easy to build up a portfolio that attracts the right kind of bride, the aspirational clients, those with a great wedding planner or an exceptional eye for design. Creating a styled shoot is an art form in itself, and too often suppliers don’t quite get it right.

So, if you…

1) want to increase your fine art and film photography skills and techniques

2) would like to keep growing as an individual and for your business

3) want to learn how to get more weddings/styled shoot submissions published

4) are keen to attract clients who create beautiful weddings with a certain design aesthetic

5) have never worked with a wedding designer or stylist, but would love a chance to shoot what they create

6) would like advice on how to style your own images, and which ones to include within your portfolio

… then this workshop is an absolute must for you to attend!

Places are strictly limited to ensure that you get plenty of one-to-one time with your mentors, and plenty of opportunities to actually compose beautiful images with hands on tutoring from two of the very best fine art photographers in the UK. So make sure you book fast!

There is also a fantastic opportunity to win a FREE place with our amazing sponsor Wedding Sparrow – a seriously swoon worthy wedding blog dedicated to featuring fine art wedding photography. Entrance closes and winners are announced on Friday 14th March.

NB. If you really want a place on the workshop, make sure you do book and pay the deposit anyway, so that you don’t miss out… and if you’re picked as a winner then we’ll refund it for you straight away. Places are already selling out quickly and we’d hate for anyone to be disappointed.




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It’s time to Flourish and Prosper!

By Jessie Thomson

Evening my lovelies,

If you follow me on social media you will have seen a rather exciting announcement this week as together with the very talented and beautiful ladies Charlie Kingsland-Barrow and Louise Beukes, we have launched a brand new venture called Flourish and Prosper.

Flourish and Prosper - Wedding Industry Learning & Development


We are very busy behind the scenes planning some big announcements and working away on the website, so more will be revealed very soon! It’s very simple really though, together our aim is to encourage and inspire anyone setting out or already established within the world of weddings – connecting like minded businesses and professionals, in a creative and beautiful environment.

I’m so looking forward to sharing more about what we’ll be doing over the next few months, and in the meantime I have a series of beautiful real weddings to share with you too. So watch this space!

Please do follow F&P online too, for all the latest news and updates:

Facebook: @flourishandprosper

Twitter: @wearefandp

Instagram: @weareflourishandprosper

Pinterest: @weareflourish

And if you’d like to be added to our mailing list please do drop us a line at



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