My little boy Augustus was one last year, and I couldn’t possibly let the occasion pass by without at least a little celebration could I?! Actually what I love about first birthdays is that the smalls aren’t too bothered about lots of friends and party games at that age, so it’s just as much a gathering for the parents, friends and family who surround them with love (and a raising of glasses to “hey we made it one whole year”!).

For Augustus I decided to host a brunch party in his honour – at a local cafe Boston Tea Party – and the decor somewhat dictated the design plan and theme thereafter. Though we do nickname him Augie Bear, so it was a nod to that too!

I created a black and white grizzly woodland bear themed birthday party – complete with bespoke invites created by Hip Hip Hooray, who also made me matching place mats, mini bunting for the high chair, and signage. I asked them to create some mini wish cards too, as I completely forgot to fill them in for his time capsule at his naming day (far too much champagne and rose, oops… better as a planner than a host it seems!).

I asked the ever so lovely Marie Green to make me a birthday cake with bark inspired icing, which I then topped with a mini bear figurine, mini succulent and a single black and white candle. Marie also made me the most delicious cookies as party favours too.

Around the tables I placed succulents I picked up myself, as well as mini woodland figurines and colouring activities for the older kiddies. I also decorated the space with black & white marble effect balloons, black paper circle garlands, bark effect paper straws, and a mix of bark or black check paper napkins. I also made a mini crown out of pipe cleaners!

Both Augie and Flora’s outfits were mostly from UK store Monkey McCoy – the little black Amy & Ivor moccasins are my faves, and has only just grown out of them!

Huge thanks to Sarah Hannam for capturing all the details!

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