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Some time ago I collaborated with the gorgeous Katie Julia (go see her new blog if you get a moment, it’s so gorgeous), on a styled shoot at the very beautiful Thyme Barn in the Cotswolds. There were so many amazing dining areas that I couldn’t help re-styling our props into different tablescapes and loved all of the different looks we achieved.

One of my favourites was this mini garden table outside – the perfect inspiration not only for brides looking to create a laid back minimalist vibe, but one to save for all your Summer entertainment later in the year. Just add bowls of delicious vibrant healthy organic food and you are good to go. Aren’t these florals by The Rose Shed divine?

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Dark vs Light Floorboards: The Verdict!

So the Thomson family recently moved to the lovely area of Tivoli in Cheltenham, just 250 steps from my Grandmother’s house (she genuinely counted the other day), it’s a gorgeous townhouse with a garden and a future studio for me… yippee!

There has been a fair amount of work to do on the house, and we did much of the basics before we moved in – knocking down walls, adding walls, replacing ceilings. There was a lot of dust. And I never realised how much tea + coffee builders drink, crazy!

We’re saving to do a mega kitchen extension now, but there is still a lot to do internally. The alcove storage has just been finished, the paint has been purchased (this is a slow project!), and aside from never ending debates about which shade of grey to use on which wall, our attention has just turned to the floorboards. Because lurking beneath the laminate wood effect floor and horrid beige carpets we have revealed lovely original floorboards. Ok so I’ve only seen small patches of it, and it’s a little rustic right now, but with a bit of TLC from someone who knows what they are doing I am sure they are going to look fab when finished.

However I was faced with a big decision… dark or light floorboards, which is it to be?!


Image via Modern Maggie

Stain them dark? Leave them natural? Paint them white (or grey)?


Well let me tell you, one week of living with the existing kitchen floor which is a super light colour stone effect laminate and the decision has been made. I challenge anyone to live with white floorboards if they a) have a child b) have a dog or c) have a life. I never stop mopping that darn kitchen floor. My sister came round the other day and said, “you know Jess, if you had dark floors in this kitchen, people would think you have OCD you clean it so much”.

That was it, the moment I decided I was either going for a natural effect or a dark stain on my floorboards! Although now I am worrying that if I go dark it will show up every bit of dust that enters the home. Hmmm.

Anyone gone either way and want to chip in with a bit of advice?




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