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Woodland Theme Bedroom or Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant just over a year ago, one of the first things I did was to start planning how I’d decorate the nursery. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl at the time so I kept it pretty neutral with a woodland theme. I already had some sweet postcard bunting left over from our wedding that I could use, as well as some sweet cushions that would work well. I simply painted the walls all white and accessorised with bolder colours.

The bed canopy was from good old Ikea, and my woodland felt mobile was from Amazon (much to my amazement – I had searched everywhere for something and it was perfect!). My biggest luxuries were my wall stickers. A big tree with birds, owls, squirrels and mice came from Love Mae and I also bought this gorgeous light bulb “Bonne Nuit” glow in the dark wall decal, couldn’t resist.

Our little wicker bassinet was from Mothercare, which I thought was a great find (clever me) until I spotted two Mum’s with the very same one on Eastenders. Oh.



We had a baby girl, Flora, who is now 14 months old. She loves the tree and birds which peel off and stick back on really easily. Which is lucky as we actually moved house and I managed to safely transport them in a roll of grease proof baking paper!!! The cot has been replaced with a white iron little bed, but everything else remains (erm, apart from the bunny nightlight which I loved but got accidentally melted by the hubby who put the wrong replacement bulb in it. I am not bitter, honest).

Just remember that when you do have a girl/boy you get a load of gender specific gifts. You won’t move for super cute wall hangings and trinkets with their name written on… so leave some space for the extra decor!

Are you planning a gender neutral nursery right now? I wanna see!


Photo Credits: Taylor Barnes Photography